Football Manager 1 SEO Learning 0

Ok, it’s a been a while since I blogged on here but I do have a very good excuse. It’s Kelvin Newman’s fault! Kelvin did a talk on Football Manager/Championship manager at Think Visibility titled “What I Learnt About Search Playing Championship Manager”. You can check out the slides for this over at Slideshare.

Now I’ve not played Football Manager for some years now. To be honest Sensible Soccer on Sega Megadrive was the pinnacle of my football gaming ability so any games more complex tended to be quickly forgotten. That, and the fact that Southampton on these games were always crap (how things have now changed).

Anyway, Kelvin’s talk didn’t inspire me to get back in the Football Manager hotseat… it inspired Jude! Shortly after ThinkVis she was at the helm of Newport Country and frequently offering updates about overpaid footballers not doing what they should. She also kept asking me for advice on formations, who she should buy and whether these stats were good or bad. Like I would know! Anyway for a time I was “Director of Football” of Newport County … but that wasn’t exciting enough.

So before you know it I’m manager of Gateshead of the Blue Square Premier League and on course for becoming an SEO master (maybe). Season after season and hour after hour passed and before you know it Gateshead have made it to the Premier League care of a Johnstone Paint Trophy victory, a few Play-off near misses and just one relegation.

The FA Cup followed as did European Football, but the Premiership remained an elusive goal. In fact, it wasn’t until the 29th season when things started to unravel. Selling the England Captain for an astronomical fee to Arsenal unsettled the squad, they all got grumpy and just 8 months before Football Manager would retire me for being “too old”, the ungrateful Gateshead board fired me.

I’m still bitter about that!

Unfortunately all the above took up such a lot of time that blogging was shunted aside. I’m not even sure I know anything more about SEO. In fact I think my brain cells have been destroyed by the lack of sleep, the worry about players who were unsettled and trying to devise a plan to win the Premiership.

One thing that did resonate though was the strategy I adopted during the game. That strategy was to spend as little as possible and see how far things would go. Initially that was easy because the Gateshead Board didn’t have any cash. No players were loaned in for the entire game, and it was only until the final season when I blew £15million on a grumpy Scottish midfielder who’s tantrums contributed to me being sacked.

Now with Loquax the strategy has been quite similar, ok barring spending £15million on a midfielder – no idea what we’d do with him unless he knows SEO. But, you could say that doing silly things that may be outside your comfort zone is something to watch out for when doing stuff online.

Despite being slightly more affluent than we were in 1998, we’re still cash conscious and spending out a load of cash in search of glory may not result in taking honours. Perhaps there was a lesson in Football Manager after all?

Actually there’s another one – a more obvious one – and that’s be your own boss, because after sweating your nuts off for 29 years and delivering success above and beyond expectation there’s no grumpy board waiting to sack you without any warning.

Now! About this SEO stuff????