Focusing On The Year Ahead

The problem with being a part-time blogger is that missing one week can quickly become one month and so on. And that’s been the case with OLD and my photography blog (

So to try and be a tad more organised I’ve merged the two blogs. The intention is to be more proactive in terms of blogging and giving my photos a wider audience. To kick things off I’ve revamped OLD. There’s still a few photos to migrate over before I shut down the photo blog and that’ll be done ASAP.

Out With The Old

Whats already been sorted is that a fair chunk of the old affiliate marketing blogs have been deleted. Not all have gone as I’ve kept the better ones for posterity. Remember the days of click to reveal? It was interesting reading back over affiliate marketing blog posts from 2005 to 2011. Merchant issues, being thrown off programs, tracking problems, voucher code sites and cashback sites seem to be regular topics … so a bit like reading the Affiliate Cockpit Group on Facebook in 2017.

Coincidentally it’s affiliate issues that have been keeping me away from blogging and busy on Loquax over the last few months. Sky decided to close their gambling affiliate program and this was followed by UK Gambling Commission compliance dominating proceedings. The former has cost us a few quid in “lifetime” revshare whilst the latter a lot of time.

20 Years In Business

The upshot of UKGC compliance is that old sites have now gone and old content deleted. How this – plus the imposed changes and the loss of revenue share income – effect us long term I don’t know. Barring a massive disaster, such as Trump finding his big red button, we will make it 20 years in business as of February 2018. Loquax launched in 1998 and it’s safe to say 2017 was the year with the most seismic activity.

Naturally there’s concern for the future, especially if more brands adopt Sky’s screw the affiliate strategy, but at the same time change paves the way for new beginnings and challenges. That has to be seen as a positive. Another positive is that our portfolio and workload is now a lot more manageable and that means it’s easier to focus on the here and now, whilst still being just a little bit mindful of what could be around the corner.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Without doubt focus is my aim for 2018. Instead of running loads of sites badly, the aim is to just run a few badly. I mean well!! The same applies to OLD by focusing on writing and posting photos to one site – I won’t be poorly managing two and going nowhere fast.

Another aim for 2018 is to get back to working less hours. For a short while in 2017 this goal was achieved – but Mr UKGC stepped in to scupper the plans. However these things happen in business. When the going gets tough it should be all hands on deck but once the storm has passed then it’s time to enjoy the journey.

If all goes well then I’ll have more time to focus on photography and doing stuff that I want to do. This includes building on the past two years recovery in terms of health and fitness. Let’s see what happens and here’s to a happy and prosperous 2018 to all.