Branding Your Users – Promotional Badges!

About 12 months ago, perhaps even longer, some of our users asked for a badge – maybe to indicate their love of the site or to help identify other users – who knows? We’d done badges before – albeit huge ones (about 7cm in diameter) – and therefore decided yes it’d be a good idea, but we wanted something slightly better than the usual button badge. The idea being that whilst it would cost more it would look a lot better and be more desirable!

There obviously isn’t a recession in the badge making industry as a number of companies either didn’t reply to our enquiries or simply weren’t helpful. We wanted to see what the badges would look like and get some help from the “experts” before making an order – sadly, whilst they were willing to take the cash, they weren’t willing to work for it! Eventually though we struck gold and thanks to Premier Promotional we started to make progress. They advised us on design, on costs and were responsive to everything we threw at them. Brilliant!

Loquax Badge

Promotional items are great but they can also be costly and therefore we decided, in this case, not to give the badges away as freebies. We wanted the badges to go to people who really wanted them and as they’d be paying, people who would more likely to use them. If they’re wearing them then their friends are going to see them… and that means “ooh what’s that?” … yes (hopefully) some word of mouth promotion for Loquax.

There’s no profit being made on them and as an added extra money is being raised for charity through their sale. Being ever cautious we only ordered a couple of hundred and thankfully all have sold faster than expected (had they been free we’d have seen them all go in much less time). As they’re all sold we’re doubling the charity contribution (making £400 for RND 09) and making a further order with Premier Promotional, but this time for key rings, as requested by users.

It’s all good news – our users are getting some exclusive bits and bobs, we get a bit of promotion plus an increased sense of community, and even better it helps raise a few quid for charity.

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  1. Joe Connor February 17, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    They look great Jason! We’ve now given away over 230 t-shirts and people do wear them which still amazes me. Pins would be interesting, the clash of the upmarket pin weighed against the phrase itself. Will have to check out Premier Promotional.


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