Big Thanks to Ceratopia – From Tweet to Duck

Earlier in the year I posted on twitter asking if anyone knew of a graphic designer. Our Loquax logo has been with us for a number of years. It was done in house and has served us well but we wanted to sharpen it up as well as bring a bit more character to the duck. In response to the tweet, another affiliate Darren Clasby suggested Ceratopia.

Simon Chadwick at Ceratopia took on the task of the transformation, with the understanding that the logo couldn’t change colour or deviate too much from the original version. Simon did a few roughs and managed to create the look we were after in his first few sketches.

Old Loquax    New Loquax

All discussions with Ceratopia were via email and I have to say Simon was brilliant. He quickly picked up what we wanted and in almost all cases went above and beyond expectations. For example we asked Simon to produce some seasonal variations of the logo (e.g. Christmas etc). We expected something like we had done ourselves, but got something infinitely better.

St George’s Day…

Old St George    New St George

St Patrick’s Day…

Old St Patrick    New St Patrick

Other seasonal variations, duck expressions, twitter buttons, facebook buttons and various duck icons have also been designed.

All the work has been of a high standard and the cost reasonable too. We actually spent more than we expected as we kept adding to the initial order as we were impressed with the designs. As is we now have a high quality graphics set that can be used on site and also to create some Loquax branded items. Whilst we loved our old logo (and the old duck will remain in homage on OneLittleDuck) the new design and additions, we have, allow us a lot more options.

Any change on a community site, especially a logo, will be met with some protestations. We’ve done a forum upgrade before and matched colour schemes verbatim, and still got complaints about the colour changes we’d introduced!

Anyway, yes we did encounter a few people who immediately hated the new logo, but the general consensus was positive. The response to the seasonal variations has also been good. Many sites add a bit of frosting to their logos at Christmas, but few do anything else. We’ve found that it adds a bit of character to the site and is often appreciated by regular visitors.

All in all we’re really pleased with the design and also with Ceratopia. We have no hesitation in recommending Simon and his company (follow him on Twitter! So a massive thanks to them and also to Darren for the initial recommendation.


1 Comment Big Thanks to Ceratopia – From Tweet to Duck

  1. Chris May 4, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Love the new look and love the fact that you’ve plumped for some Googlised Seasonal Tweeks! Good to have a recommendation too!


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