Best A4UExpo Event Ever!

After writing A4UExpo Day 1 via the iPhone the idea was to follow up with blogs on the boat trip, day 2 and a final round up. Unfortunately things didn’t go according to plan with various beverages, including lager, vodka and sambuca, and lack of sleep conspired together to make sure further updates didn’t come live from Expo.

So here’s a brief overview of the rest of Expo, it truly was a fantastic affiliate event!

The Thames Cruise sponsored by Platform A was brilliant. A good atmosphere, plenty of drink, a bit of food (more next time please), a charity auction an the opportunity to see the sights of London at night. It topped off what was an excellent Day 1 (I promise to not mention the keynote again!).

Day 2 started off late – this was Clarke’s fault for deciding that I should try Red Bull and Vodka! The day’s sessions started for me with the voucher code panel. “Hmmmm!” is the best way to sum up my feelings on what came out of this session and post-session discussion. I may come back to this another day!

The rest of the day, for me, was spent visiting Exhibitors or crashing out at the Existem MA stand! Most trips to exhibitors proved fruitful and it was good to catch up and let people know what we’re doing. Whilst I was touring, Jude battled on with sessions, taking in Affiliate Doctors Live and the Coolest Gadgets Million Dollar Blog session!

The final session of the day was Meet the Super Affiliates. It was interesting with Doug, Kieron and Jamie contributing to a lively session – although through blurry alcohol needy eyes it did look like Keith Allen and Peter Kaye were keeping Kieron company during the session.

And then it was off to the Fox for drinking, football and Matt Le Tissier (courtesy of Sky – more on this for another blog)! As a lifelong Saints fan things couldn’t have got any better unless Ola Jordan turned up – dressed in a catsuit – and, with Jude’s blessing, dragged me off to the Novotel for private dance lessons!

Time for the thanks then!
To the A4UExpo crew – yes it really was brilliant (and I’ve written nice things.. send cheque)!
Sky – legends for the VIP pass to see Matty!
Existem MA – for the ducks and for the traveller’s rest!
Everyone – for the alcohol (except Sambuca!)
Exhibitors – who gave us freebies!
DGM – for the smoothies!
Anyone else – who I’ve forgotten!
Cardinal Chunder – for staying at home this time!

Tips for Next Year
Don’t drink Sambuca…. ever!
Don’t drink too much on the night of Day 1!
Exhibitors – make sure you have sofas and seats (and a console game)!
Don’t leave your camera in hands of drunk affiliates and then go off for a ciggy!
Get into practice for Expo 2009 by going to Amsterdam in April!
Take someone with you – so if you’re hungover they can go to the sessions!

Finally as ever it was great to catch up with everyone in AM (and just one quick note to a couple of friends who weren’t there – we did miss you)!

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  4. Joe Connor October 17, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    Hi Jason, great to see you and Jude again and actually manage a conversation this time – looking forward to the Matt Le Tissier follow up.

  5. Kev Sutton October 17, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Was it me you drank the zambuca’s with Jason? It all got pretty blurry from then on… Why is it that our conversations always tend to be extremely drunken ones? Not sure what that says about either of us???

  6. Jason October 17, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    It wouldn’t be expo Kev if we didn’t do an annual drunken state of the affiliate nation chat! 🙂

    Always good to chat to you – even if I can’t remember what we talked about! LOL!

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