Another Affiliate Secret Millionaire To Inspire You?

A few weeks back Sunshine’s Chris Brown appeared on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire. This week he was followed by another affiliate onto the series which sees wealthy people pose as ordinary folk only to whip out the cheques at the end of the day and reveal their true identity.

Step forward Myvouchercodes and Markco Media founder Mark Pearson, “multimillionaire, philanthropist and all round good guy” as his blog describes him! Mark was sent to Nottingham’s Radford area where he got involved with youth, women’s refuge and gay charity organisations. As usual the volunteers of these organisations are the true stars of the piece and it was nice to see them being helped out by a Secret Millionaire benefactor.

It was interesting to see Mark on the programme – especially given the attention MVC and Markco Media gets from the affiliate community. According to Secret Millionaire, Mark’s apparently worth £60million, has an Audi R8, a huge house and quite possibily the cheapest ever desk in the world. Not bad from a career in affiliate marketing (apart from the desk).

It may well be that I was still annoyed by the outrageous judge’s panel vote from X-Factor, but I did find Chris Brown’s Secret Millionaire slightly easier to engage with than Mark’s. In fact Chris’ episode, regardless of the affiliate thing, for me has been the best so far. Chris seemed to integrate into his role a lot better and so at the reveal those getting cheques looked surprised.

In fairness, a couple of last night’s recipients did seem to be a little unsurprised. Mind a stranger that’s “new to the area” with a film crew in tow is possibly a good indicator of a few quid coming your way if they drop in your charitable organisation! You’d probably be disappointed if they weren’t Secret Millionaire at the end of filming.

When Chris Brown appeared on the programme I titled the blog “Get Affiliate Inspiration from a Secret Millionaire“. So should you be as inspired by Mark?

I’m sure some affiliates will say “no” point blank. On the other hand many in the industry will say “yes” – he is after all a very successful businessman. He employs a lot of people and let’s face it he knows, whether intentional or not and good or bad, how to get a buzz around everything he does.

He’s most certainly shaken things up affiliate wise perhaps in a way no one else has – at least not in a way that creates division and polarity amongst industry players. If you’re of a really entrepreneurial frame of mind then Mark has demonstrated pretty well what opportunities are open to people in affiliate land if you’re prepared to do what ever it takes.

That all said, it’s been good to see fellow affiliates as Secret Millionaires. It demonstrates just how far things have changed for the affiliate industry and that the streets really can be paved with gold, for some at least!

3 Comments Another Affiliate Secret Millionaire To Inspire You?

  1. Rob November 8, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Will we be seeing you on Secret Millionaire soon? 🙂

  2. Jason November 8, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Only if one turns up on my doorstep and offers some financial help!

  3. Emma November 9, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Nice post Jason. I found Chris’s stint as ‘Secret Millionaire’ to be much more emotional and he came across much more involved with, and caring about, the groups he was working with. However, Mark’s was certainly still inspiring and it’s fantastic that someone in his position (and from our industry!) is willing to go out there and help those who need it most. Still think it’lll be a while before I’m featured on there though 🙂

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