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Attack Of The Crohn’s – Part 3

According to The NHS website, “Crohn’s Disease (CD) is a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system”. There’s no known cure but it can be managed. So after being diagnosed with something like this there’s naturally a lot of questions going through your head: What happens next? What can I… Read More

Attack Of The Crohn’s – Part 2

Across the hospital ward was an older gentleman. He looked across at me, smiled and nodded. The kind of smile and nod that old folk give youngsters to let them know all would be fine. I smiled back trying hard to ignore the porridge falling out of his mouth and the fact his pyjamas had… Read More

Attack Of The Crohn’s – Part 1

Given the choice between waking up in a hospital’s high dependency unit or a luxury room in a Mid-Wales spa hotel, most people would opt for the latter. Unfortunately – and as it happens fortunately – for me, back in December 2015 I got the former – and never has the phrase “that escalated quickly”… Read More

Guess Who’s Back – Back Again!

After a hiatus of five years and two false starts, the One Little Duck blog returns. This is about 12 months later than I’d originally considered, but 12 months ago I probably wasn’t fit enough. First and foremost going forward this will not be an “affiliate blog”. From hereon this is now my personal blog… Read More

Pirates Of Machynys Bay

Much of my photography is taken around the same area of Llanelli, Machynys Bay. It has some great sunsets and can be wonderfully dramatic, but it can get a bit samey and that means inspiration tends to wane at time. I’m pretty sure many photographers feel the same way about their own local areas. Whilst… Read More

Nitro Circus In Llanelli

On 17th June I was lucky enough to be an official photographer for the Nitro Circus event at Parc Y Scarlets, Llanelli. In case you’ve not heard of Nitro Circus it’s basically a bunch of guys and girls on various bikes and contraptions doing stunts. It’s all quite incredible and full of action. The bulk… Read More

The Icons Of Mumbles

On Saturday 7th May we headed down to Mumbles. The reason being was because Swansea Museum had tweeted that “Bristol Channel pilot cutter Olga will be racing her sister ships in a rare sprint in Swansea Bay. 7-8 May, 10am”. On looking at the website it was advised that the best place to see the… Read More

Brecon Beacons Puddleography

In the current issue (April 2016) of Digital SLR Photography there’s a lovely article about using puddles. Puddleography has it’s called “gives you an alternative view of your surroundings”. A lot of my photography uses sea water to reflect the skies so I quite like the idea of using puddles elsewhere. At the weekend we… Read More

Back On The Photography Blogging Trail

Eagle eyed readers will have noticed that firstly there’s not been many blogs for a while and secondly the site has had a name change. The latter is due to ‘’ moving on to new owners. As much as I liked ‘tog’ as a photography domain, the price was right and it’s sale paves the… Read More

Badger Watching At Dinefwr

Did you know you could go badger watching at Dinefwr near Llandeilo? No nor did I! I always thought that badgers came out at night and that it’d be too dark to photograph them but again that’s not the case. During the summer you can visit a special hide to watch the badgers in action…. Read More