Guess Who’s Back – Back Again!

After a hiatus of five years and two false starts, the One Little Duck blog returns. This is about 12 months later than I’d originally considered, but 12 months ago I probably wasn’t fit enough. First and foremost going forward this will not be an “affiliate blog”. From hereon this is now my personal blog and the aim will be to post anything and everything I feel like writing about.

That may well include affiliate related stuff and business things, but if you’re hoping to read about my views on affiliate and performance matters then sorry you’re going to be a little disappointed. What you may read about is things relating to fitness – yes you read that correctly, health – yes that’s right as well, Crohn’s Disease, films, books and anything else that crops up.

Photography may crop up from time to time, but the bulk of my photo work will be over at I had considered bringing OLD and my photo site together but decided that they’d be better off separate. On the downside it does mean I have two sites to manage but the aim is to make sure I do them – at least once a week/fortnight.

So why get back to blogging?

Mainly for me! I spend way too much time scrolling through social media and whiling away the hours doing little that’s constructive – so this is an antidote to that. Secondly most of the writing I do day to day is on bingo or slots so OLD will allow me to write about other things. Essentially it’s going to be a dumping ground for learning how to try and improve content writing.

Another reason for the OLD resurrection is that I couldn’t find an alternative. Writing a load of gubbins on Facebook doesn’t appeal whilst Twitter is too limited. I use Instagram for photography and want to keep it that way. Finally – and probably more importantly – (for now) I actually want to blog. Life has changed a lot over the last 12 months and there are things I’d like to write about.

So that’s the first quick blog done.. now the hard part – keeping it going.

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