Llanelli Sprint Triathlon 2012

On 20th May 2012 some slightly mad men and women decided that they’d swim around Llanelli North Dock, go on a long bike ride and then have a little run around the Millennium Coastal Path! Alternatively called the Llanelli Sprint Marathon 2012. I love these kind of sporting events – especially those that involve water – as they can generate some great action shots.

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With running and cycling it’s a lot tougher to get a sense of movement, but in the water with arms and water all over the place the action is more obvious. The exit from the water also provided better indications of just how tiring the swim was for some of the competitors.

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If you’re taking photos at similar events, for example marathons, fun runs etc then you’ll probably spot official photographers around. Watch where they stand and see if you can get near to them. Quite often they will have special access – for example one photographer was positioned right on the finish line and at the exit of the water.

Don’t worry if you can’t get in the same positions, keep an eye out for good locations and angles. Plus, whilst it’s tempting to just follow the race leaders (and take the same shot over and over again of finishers) – quite often the stragglers can provide you with a better photo opportunity thanks to their reactions.

If you know people who are running then make sure you let them know about your photos too. Participants are often happy to pick up a shot of themselves in action and in turn give you a mention in return.

Llanelli Sprint Triathlon 2012 Photos

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