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Getting Back On Track

The aim for 2018 was to sort this and my photography blog out and at least for the first couple of the weeks of the year that was on track. Since then it’s been pretty much downhill as I’ve ended up back in the hotseat and in front of a computer for what feels like eons. The reason for this is ‘compliance’, a term that probably sends a chill through many in the online gambling industry. Compliance pops up in my emails pretty much every day. The last time I had the word used so much was in Flight...

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Focusing On The Year Ahead

The problem with being a part-time blogger is that missing one week can quickly become one month and so on. And that’s been the case with OLD and my photography blog ( So to try and be a tad more organised I’ve merged the two blogs. The intention is to be more proactive in terms of blogging and giving my photos a wider audience. To kick things off I’ve revamped OLD. There’s still a few photos to migrate over before I shut down the photo blog and that’ll be done ASAP. Out With The Old Whats already been sorted...

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Attack Of The Crohn’s – Part 5

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease back at the end of December 2015 I was told during my first consultation in March 2016 that I’d undergo regular check-ups. The consultant suggested that these check-ups would take place every six months or so. As it happened my first “six month” check-up actually took place in July 2017, only 19 months after the operation and 16 months since my last check-up. What’s Up Doc? I’ve no idea why the gap was much larger than six months, but I did need to get onto my GP in order to finally get...

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How The One Thing Saved Me

I’ve just returned from a three day stay on Skomer. If you’re not aware, Skomer is an island off the Pembrokeshire coast and it is the home of loads of Puffins. Access to the island is limited but you can stay overnight – perfect for getting extra time to photograph the Puffins. I was on the island as part of a photography workshop. These are great for meeting up with fellow photographers and learning new stuff. This blog, however, isn’t about the photography. Bunk Beds! Staying on Skomer is described as ‘off grid living’. Facilities are basic and you...

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American Playboy – The Hugh Hefner Story Review

Mention Hugh Hefner to pretty much anybody and they’ll immediately conjure up images of a man surrounded by beautiful ladies at the Playboy Mansion. However, there’s a lot more to Hefner judging by the “American Playboy – The Hugh Hefner Story” series on Amazon Prime. Set over 10 episodes, this docu-drama gives us an insight into how Playboy started, how it grew into a major worldwide brand and some of the many battles Hefner faced along the way. Note that this review does contain spoilers! My initial view of Hefner was pretty much along the lines of the first...

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Here you’ll find my photography and blogs about random things that interest me. I live in Llanelli and am the Managing Director of Loquax Ltd, a UK digital media company specialising in online gambling and competitions.

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